“Your IP has changed” cPanel error – When do you see this?

This problem occurs when either of the following scenarios occurs:

  • Your internet service provider (ISP) provides a dynamic IP address or they use short DHCP lifetimes.
  • When you try to login to the same cPanel account via 2 different devices with 2 different IPs.
  • You use a proxy or VPN that changes the IP every few minutes.

What causes “Your IP has changed” cPanel error?

This setting validates IP addresses for cookie-based logins. This denies attackers the ability to capture cPanel session cookies in order to gain access to your cPanel & WHM interfaces.

In order to provide you with maximum security, on our platform, Cookie IP validation is set to strict — The system requires that the access IP address and the cookie IP address match exactly.

Otherwise, it will log you out automatically and you will see the error “Your IP has changed. Please login again“.

How to fix “Your IP has changed” cPanel error?

Usually, re-login to cPanel will succeed. But, to fix this permanently, you must ensure that the IP Address remains static and does not change frequently.



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