Securing your domain is a vital step in maintaining your online presence. At HostNext, we've streamlined the process to make it easier than ever. To unlock your domain and make necessary changes, follow these simple steps using our client portal.


Step 1:  To login to HostNext's customer portal, go to and enter your login credentials. 


Step 2: Once logged in, you'll find the "Domains" option in the Menu. Click on it to proceed.


Step 3: In the list of domains, locate the one that you want to unlock and click the "Manage" button next to it.


Step 4: On the domain management page, find the "Registrar Lock" link and click on it to proceed inside the "Registrar Lock" option.


Step 5:  Now click "Disable Registrar Lock" button to unlock the domain.


Step 6:  After completing the above steps, your domain's "Registrar Lock Status" should now display as "Disabled." This confirms that the unlocking process was successful.





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