How do I set up domain redirect along with Email Only hosting?

If you have email only hosting account with us and would like your domain name to be redirected to any other site but your mail be sent/received by our servers you would need to use the following settings in order to make both your mail and your site functional:

1. Login to your Namecheap account > Domains button.

2. Go to Manage Domains.

3. Click the domain name you ordered Email hosting for.

4. Click on All host records link.

5. Use the following settings:

HOST NAME               IP ADDRESS/URL                                         RECORD TYPE

@                                 URL Redirect

www                             URL Redirect


mail                                         NS Record 

mail                                         NS Record 

pop                                                  CNAME (Alias)

smtp                                                CNAME (Alias)

webmail                      URL Redirect

mailadmin                      URL Redirect

Make sure that your domain name is pointed to our default nameservers version 2.

6. Follow Mail Settings field > select User (Mail Server's Host Name Required) >  Your Email Hosting radio-button

7. Click on Save Changes

Please note: There is no other way to make your domain redirect and email working. If you setup CNAME for your domain name without www, all other host records will be disabled because your domain will be pointed to another host.

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